German (jur `man): noun - a language spoken by 120 million people, or a quarter of all Europeans, as their mother tongue



Hello and welcome to my faculty page! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Paul Truesdell (or Herr T) and I am an instructor of German in Tidewater Community College's Foreign Language Department. It is my hope that, as you explore this site, you will gain a deeper interest and understanding of German language and culture. From language resources to history and current events, here you will find useful links that will complement your studies of this powerhouse language.

Why Study German?

German is easy to acquire.

If you know English, you know German. German and English share the same Germanic root, and therefore have many closely related words. For example, water in English become Wasser in German.

German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe.

English, French, and German are the three official working languages of the European Union. The language served as a lingua franca for centuries in parts of the European continent.

Germany is an economic powerhouse.

Germany has the largest economy in the European Union, and the fourth largest worldwide. It also represents the largest percentage of international firms that have opened right here in Hampton Roads. Liebherr, Stihl, Lidl, and Aldi are just a few examples.